Year of birth: 1998
Weight / Height: 54 kg / 155 cm
Hometown: Folsom, California
Hobbies: Hiking
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Iced Mocha

Rider's Talk

What is your racing background? When and why did you start?
Wow… this all started for me since like birth it seems. When I was around 5, I basically shadowed my Dad’s every walk of life. I wanted to do fun, adrenaline filled, adventurous activities like him, so in simple terms that is how I got into racing. Who knew that being pushed down a grassy hill in Tallahassee, Florida would fuel the fire for many years of motocross, BMX, and mountain biking.

What place did you finish in your first race?
In my first race, I recall I finished fourth in the junior class. All of my earliest race memories flash back to me peddling along on a bright green spray painted Mountain Bike at Prairie City splashing in the mud.

What’s your favorite part about riding for SCOTT? What are your future goals?
My favorite aspect of riding for SCOTT bicycles during the 2017 race season include the creativity, innovation for the greatest technology, and rich history and present day achievements this company holds. It is definitely motivating and inspiring to recognize that the current 2016 Olympian champions Jenny Risveds and Nino Schurter are on top of the same Scott Scale that I am riding for this season.

My future goals of this 2017 race season and beyond always consist of a healthy, successful, and progressive year. Of course, I have training and specific races targeted, but I am mostly focusing on gaining valuable experience as a first U23 rider. However, I have my eyes on the podium at the California High School State Championships and Mountain Bike National Championships this year.

What keeps you going during the off season, if you ever have an off season?
I definitely like to take time off the bike during my off season with trail runs, kayaking, and being up in Tahoe whenever possible.

What are your favorite Races?
Missoula is definitely my number 1!!!! The course is full of long and steep climbs, super fun twisty and fast downhill, and the legendary drop. The spectators are always rad there cheering all along the course

Where are we going to find you training most often?
You can always find me out in the rolling hills on back roads or in Auburn

What music do you listen to when training or before a race?
It seems kind of unexpected… but I listen to rap haha like it pumps me up. I have a specific “pump-up” playlist on Spotify!

Do you have a favorite pre-race food?
My go to is oatmeal topped with peanut butter and scrambled eggs anytime of the day.

Do you have any funny habits that you have to do before you race?
I’m kind of a kook. I always shake my legs out or tighten up my shoes one last time

For your legs: hairy, electric, waxing or razor?
Shaved with a razor of course

What do you put in your back jersey pockets when you go for a training ride?
A co2, my phone, fig bar, and if its a good day… coffee money

Top 3 artists on your iPod that gets played the most?
Thomas Rhett, Jack Johnson, and Logic

Energy drink or coffee?
Coffee all dayyyyy

Call the guys for training or getting called:
Usually calling

5 of the best ways to kill time:
Read books, listen to music, watch a good documentary, hang the hammock somewhere, or take a nap

Number of crashes at training:
Not too many, but when it happens it usually is silly

Number of times my training bike gets clean per week/month/year:
Lots, maintenance is key. Probably 3 times a month depending on the conditions and how hard I’ve ridden it

3 words that describe Scott:
Committed, unique, and RAD